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Joy of Life Season 2


Continuing from the season 1, as Fan Xian leads the delegation back, the Second Prince threatens him by endangering the lives of Fei Jie, Fan Sizhe, and an orphan from the Teng family, forcing Fan Xian to submit to him. This sparks a deepening conflict between the two. In the new season, Fan Xian faces the challenges of the "Baoyue Tower" mystery and the impending crisis of the imperial examination. These are traps carefully set by the Second Prince. Fan Xian and Lin Wan'er marry as planned, but soon after, Fan Xian takes over the internal treasury and discovers it is burdened with heavy debts. Emperor Qing is assassinated three times at the Suspended Temple, and Fan Xian intervenes but loses all his martial arts skills in the process. With danger lurking everywhere and mounting pressure, Fan Xian has no choice but to travel to Jiangnan with his weakened body, challenging formidable forces and established rules of the game, all in an effort to reclaim the internal treasury.

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